v0.7.0 - First Public DEMO

Today is a really special day for me: finally I'm ready to publish first public demo of my game. I think that HARDCODE is very controversial game, so it is important to show it to wide audience to get feedback and check are those ideas working or this design leads to a dead end.

It is very hardcore game and it's definitely not for everyone. So please tell me what you feel about this game. I need to know is there an target audience for it :)


hardcode-v0.7-win.zip 158 MB
Sep 01, 2017
hardcode-v0.7-mac.zip 167 MB
Sep 01, 2017


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lit boi!!!!


Really fantastic demo! Beautiful visuals, engaging combat, interesting puzzles. Only criticisms I have are maybe tightening up the camera (non vr) and some non-combat music to keep the energy up during the exploration/puzzles. Awesome job so far, looking forward to the full release!


Thank you very much!
It's really nice review :)