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Recent updates

v0.7.6 - Camera & Other Updates
1) Couple updates for layout of first floor to improve navigation: decrease backtracking and confusion. 2) Add new room to first floor to improve pacing. 3) Upd...
2 files
v0.7.5 - Navigation & Tuning
1) Add icons to rooms. Maybe it helps somebody to navigate. Maybe not. 2) Add and move stuff in the devices tutorial room. Maybe that's make it easier to unders...
2 files
v0.7.4 - Level Design Update & Bug Fix
1) Update 1st floor level design to make it easier to find right way in the beginning. 2) Fix blue platforms colliders at 1st floor. 3) Move COMPILER tutorial f...
2 files
v0.7.3 - Level Design & Balance Update
1) Level Design for the 1st floor is changed to make it a little bit more intuitive. 2) Arena fight at the end of the 1st floor now shorter and easier. 3) Serve...
2 files
v0.7.2 - hotfix
Hopefully I found and fixed mouse problems. Change design of first room on second floor. Add little effect on hitting enemies.
2 files
v0.7.1 - hotfix
Hopefully I have fixed "black screen" bug that may occur while moving between rooms.
2 files
v0.7.0 - First Public DEMO
Today is a really special day for me: finally I'm ready to publish first public demo of my game. I think that HARDCODE is very controversial game, so it is impo...
2 files